"Stavio is the embodiment of our relentless mission to create the best washroom experience in the world - not just for the end-users, but for everyone who is a part of the Stavio process; architects, designers, landlords, installers and facilities staff."


David Davis

The Stavio Story

Born from a washroom design heritage that stretches back 20 years, Stavio represents the quest for a washroom experience never experienced before.

The finest finishes, innovatively achieved through unique solid surfacing and design inspiration. The most refined user features for privacy and comfort. And every aspect of the washroom creation, from inception to final sign-off, tightly managed for a seamless project experience.

This is the Stavio story. A story of washroom creations that define whole buildings and characterise corporations. A story of modular innovation that delivers washroom excellence to site for instant installation.



Uniquely innovative

Stavio focuses continually on washroom developments that refine user experience, such as increased sensor operation for a hands-free facility, and individual cubicles with individual lighting and audio.

Designed to break ground

The Stavio aim is to provide a high level of comfort and privacy in an ergonomic design. With a wide choice of appealing finishes and features, your perfect washroom is within reach.

Installed at the speed of right

Based on an integrated modular system, Stavio washrooms are quick to install. Each system is chiefly pre-engineered, pre-plumbed and pressure-tested before delivery to ensure frictionless installation.

Less maintenance, more enjoyment

Maintenance is made simple with key features, including wall-hung sanitaryware, tank-fed soap dispensers, low-energy LED lighting, and concealed access panels.

Our Commitment

Stavio has at heart a very clear set of core values: reliability, competence and care.

These values provide a foundation of integrity for all things Stavio. All management personnel, employees, and business partners are expected to operate based on the underlying organisational ethos.

Every aspect of the Stavio experience demonstrates the core values, from the innovative design and outstanding customer care, through to social responsibility and environmental policy.

During 20 years in the industry, the directors of Stavio have fulfilled commitments by engaging with individuals and communities in a substantial and positive way. The environmental impact of our activities, products and services is evaluated and action taken to improve environmental performance. All finishes are completely recyclable at the end of a long lifespan. Post-production waste is regenerated into raw material, and low oil content ensures minimal carbon impact.

Stavio is a UK-based company with a firm belief in British manufacturing, supporting government bodies, non-profit agencies and charity foundations to make industry more sustainable and to help local communities.

Washroom distinction

Let Stavio create your world-class washroom.
Call 01707 254 170 or email info@stavio.com to find out more.



Stavio is a washroom revolution designed to meet global development needs. Tailored to unique requirements, swift to install and easy to maintain, Stavio is the perfect choice for large-scale premium commercial, leisure and travel settings worldwide.

01707 254 170  |  info@stavio.com

Connect with Stavio

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